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Living During a Pandemic

Neal Barnard, MD
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Immune Response Brochure

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Interview with Dr. Thomas Jackson of M.E.E.T. Ministry

Dr. Thomas Jackson of M.E.E.T. Ministry


We live in an age filled with distrust, chaos, and the world is teetering on the brink of madness. The love of men has gone cold and most are out for themselves. God has become a punching bag for many and is often mocked.

Despite that, He shows Himself in the little things, He speaks in a still, small voice, His mercies continue to be new every morning.

People are choosing sides and making it clear whom they serve. Praise God that eternity is within reach of those who remain faithful.    Joshua 24:15.

-- Justin

I believe we have come to a time where everything we know and value will be tested and shaken. Most people are battling through so many emotions and hardships that many are confused and even scared.

-- Jeffrey

I find the events occurring in the world somewhat exciting. As a student of the Bible l see things unfolding from the beginning to the end.

From creation to salvation, God has led every step of the way. Do I have my doubts and fears? Of course, but I choose to focus on Christ my Lord and Savior. As one writer stated, we have nothing to fear for the future except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us and His teaching in our past history.

-- Leslie

I can remember as a child when I would go out to play; I never had to worry about safety, security or freedom in my local neighborhood. I would stay outside all day long and never worry. Now, as an older more mature man, I have greater fears about my safety, security and peace.

Institutions that were once fortresses of stability are crumbling before our eyes, airlines, banks, schools, colleges, food chains, clothing stores, cities and states.

The world seems to be spiraling out of control with no moral compass from the leaders in our government to point to the truth or the right direction to lead. Our leaders preach hate, inequality, and bigotry. If Jesus does not return soon this world will self-destruct.

The world needs love. Jesus spoke about loving each other. Without His love, this world does not stand a chance of surviving.

-- Eddie

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